Kids Party Ideas: Lady Bug Rock Painting

When planning your kids party and brain storming for some kids party ideas, its great to consider some creativity and allow the kiddies to create things with their own hands. After all, kids love painting! This kids party activity will let your little ladybug fans creativity shine!

Craft Materials:

  • Acrylic paint (in a variety of colors)
  • Disposable paintbrushes
  • Round or oval shaped rocks (with a smooth surface)
  • Paper plates, newspaper, tablecover (to protect work area)

Before The Amazing Kids Party:

  • Get your paint ready. You can put each color in little cups or even in an ice cube tray.
  • Get little cups with water ready so the little artists can rinse their paintbrushes.
  • Write guests names on the bottom of each rock (so they know which one to take home!)

kids partyKids Party Time:

  • Make sure you have a protected area for the children to paint. Protect the table with a tablecover, newspaper or paper plates.
  • Give each child a selection of paints and a paintbrush… along with their rinsing cup.
  • Let them create their own ladybug shaped rock.
  • You may need to help paint on the eyes.
  • Make it more fun by giving the children googly eyes for their ladybug rocks!
  • After the children are done painting their ladybug rock, let them dry for about 30 minutes.
  • The painted rocks in the picture were sealed with high gloss Mod-podge — that requires more drying time