Kids Hula Hoop Parties Northern Beaches

Kids Hula Hoop Birthday Parties Northern Beaches

I bring Magical Hula Hoops to get your child and he’s/her friends moving! We dance, play insanely fun Hoop games, learn cool Hoop tricks and she/he gets her own personalized Hula Hoop to keep and access to my online hula hoop dance course at the end of the party!

$340 1 hour and a half

Kids hoop dance is a creative form of fun exercise which is much suited for children as they also have the chance to relish in social play. As well as having a ridiculously fun time hooping together, your child will also practice he’s/her co-ordination and motor skills.

Hula hoop dance activities at my Kids Hula Hoop Parties are designed to engage kids in continual movement and concentration in learning new super cool, hip hoop dance routines. My hoop partei

To start, every single hula hooping super star will have their face painted with a beautiful sparkly cheek art design, then they are handed a colourful ribbon which they can twirl and experiment with ribbon dance. They are then handed an exclusive handmade Hula Hoop which they get to use once the outrageous fun starts with an  introduction and a hoop dance performance. Now this is where the fun begins! There will be Hoop Dance instruction and guidance for every hula hoop super star.

At the end of the fun game orientated  learning session, all participants will have learnt a load of hoop dance tricks and moves which they can further practice and show off to their friends.

Following is GAME TIME which entails a number of insanely fun hula hoop games that will get your child moving and will fill them full of laughter.

Concluding the session, we groove around the limbo stick as we play a game of limbo. To end we take a group photo of all hula hooping super stars which is shared with the family.

The birthday boy or girl will get an exclusive colourful, sparkly hand crafted hula hoop to keep and access to my online hula hoop dance course.

High Energy Crazy Fun Hoop Dance Party (1.5hrs) $300

Suitable at a large backyard, local park or a rented hall
★ Up to 18 Children (additional cost for more)
★ Face Painting (Cheek Art)
★ Amazing Hoop Dance Performance
★ Hoop Dance Guided Lesson
★ Hula Hoop Party Games
★ Birthday Girl/Boy receives a hand crafted hula hoop to keep (colours to be determined prior to party)

★ Birthday Girl/Boy receives access to my online hula hoop dance course
★ ALL Hula Hoops are provided for use during the entertainment
★ Cool Hoopy music to get ALL hoop superstars hooping

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