Kids Birthday Party Idea: Winter Sleep Over Parties

While you can’t play on the swings as the playground is rained out or swim in the pool, winter birthdays don’t have to be boring! Jazz up your child’s winter birthday party with these kid-friendly ideas sure to make every child smile. Winter Kids Birthday Parties Idea: Sleep Over Parties

How Many Guests?

First things first, determine how many kids you will have at your child’s birthday party and start writing out your guest list, make sure you get your invites out well in advance to avoid disappointment of invitese not being able to make it due to other commitments. Make sure that you mention on the invites that it is a sleep over / slumber birthday party detailing what time guest’s must be dropped off, and what time pick up is the next day.

Serve Comfort Food

If you keep the party small, you can serve a great meal rather than just cake and sweet treats. Warm up the kids with comfort food like grilled cheese sandwiches and soup. You can create a “soup bar” where kids can choose from an assortment of different soups and crackers. Even if you aren’t planning an entire meal, you can keep everyone warm and cozy by serving hot chocolate.
When it comes to the cake, Your neighbourhood bakery can probably make something rich in chocolate like a mud cake or similar if you aren’t prepared to make it yourself. It’s a good idea to make sure that you are aware of the children who have allergies.

Preparation and Talk to each Child about Rules

As the party approaches, make sure that your house is clean, and child -safe without any obstacles which may cause children to trip or hurt themselves.

When the guests arrive, quickly talk with each parent, and make sure you have an emergency contact for each child in case of an emergency. Once the party starts quickly have everyone sit down in a circle and listen to the rules of the house. You may have rules such not allowing any children in particular rooms of your home, state clearly the only rooms they are all allowed in, it may be the living room – where most of the party is being held, kitchen, and outside in the backyard, provided that your yard is fully fenced for safety.

Games and Activities

kids parties

My Kids Hula Hoop Disco Parties are quite popular during the winter months. Depending on whether it’s raining, I arrive at the kids parties about 6pm, just after dark and we all gather in the yard and start the hoopy fun! My bright LED Hula Hoops and Glow in the dark hoops dazzle the kids as they learn many tricks and hoop dance moves.

Crafting is perfect for indoor activites, you can pick up great inexpensive craft kits at Lincraft, Spotlight or your local Bargain Shop. You could guide the children in making and decorating their own own cup cake.
Face painting is super popular with the kids and glow sticks to compliment my LED light hula hoops. Creative activities keep the children occupied and allows them to gain a sense of accomplishment. Creative activities may include a Build a Bear project, hula hoop decorating or even origami!

Plan your games. Here are 4 fun packed Winter indoor games you might want to try.

1. Indoor Ice Skating

All you need is some grease proof paper or baking paper, rubber bands and carpet. Be careful, as it’s quite slippery, but lots of fun!
Play some music on your stereo.Wrap sheets of grease proof paper or baking paper around each child’s feet (one on each foot) into make-shift “skates” with rubber bands.
Now that you’ve got your “Skates” on, glide over the carpet!

2. Winter Pictionary

All you will need is a Black board and chalk or a Dry Erase board. Also markers, slips of paper with a different winter items/objects on each one,a container for words and timer.

Example of pictionary words: rain, mittens, coat, snowflake, sled, ice-skates, snowman, etc…

Divide the kids into teams. The player up draws a slip of paper from the bowl and then reads it silently and hands to it to the facilitator. The player must then draw clues as to what was on their paper — their team guesses what it is. If the playing team guesses correctly, before the timer runs out, they get two points.

If the playing team cannot guess correctly, before the timer runs out, the opposing team may take one guess. If the opposing team guesses correctly they get a point and the playing team loses a point. Most points wins.
For small children don’t divide into teams, use a timer or keep track of points. Just play until someone in the class yells out the right answer.

3. Penguin Shuffle

This is an Indoor race that challenges kids’ balancing skills – penguin style.

You will need:  Beanbag or Hacky Sack-style footbag
HOW TO PLAY:  Have children stand side by side with their “eggs” (beanbags or Hacky Sack-style footbags) on top of their feet. Players try to shuffle across the room without dropping their “eggs.” The first one to succeed wins.

4. Pass the Ice (Young kids)

Play just like hot potato only with an ice cube. When the music stops… clap for the person with the ice.

Sleeping Arrangements

At the end of the night, you may want to plant their sleeping stuff in the living room, making sure that the temperature is nice and warm and everyone is cozy and comfortable. Make sure you have a good selection of kids movies for them to choose from. To compliment a movie, popcorn is a must! So make sure you have some popcorn in the pantry and dish some up for the children to enjoy.