Hula Hoop Giant Bubble Wand – Kids Birthday Parties Ideas

This great idea from No Biggie is pure genius and couldn’t be simpler. Fill a kiddie pool with a 1 to 2 ratio of water to dish soap. Its recommended letting the solution sit over night and try to keep the kids from splashing – foam is the enemy of big beautiful bubbles. Go slow, put yourself right in the middle of the fun and watch your giant bubble creations take to the sky!

To do this, you need the perfect bubble solution, a hard plastic kiddie pool and a hula hoop.

For the Bubble Solution you need:

  • 19 litres of Water
  • 10 Cups of dish soap (regular not antibacterial)

I found a few things to be helpful:

  1. Let this solution sit overnight. For some reason this helps.
  2. The less foam you make, the better your bubbles will be. Too much foam is the enemy to giant bubbles. Try to keep the splashing to a minimal.

That’s it! You’re all set for some fun Summer time giant bubble making with hula hoops 🙂