Christmas Wreath from a Hula Hoop

There are many ways to recycle your old hula hoops, or craft them in to something fun whilst your not using them.

As Christmas approaches, i’ve been preparing my Christmas decorations and decided to recycle one of my older hoops into a Christmas Wreath, it looks great on our wall near our tree and i’m excited to share with you instructions on how I made and crafted it. So lets jolly up your front door and get your home into the swing of Christmas 🙂

What you will need is:

  • A Hula-Hoop, choose a diameter which fits your front door or wall space.
  • At least 5 meters of weatherproof artificial plastic greenery, tinsel , ribbons
  • Craft wire
  • Weatherproof bow
  • Weatherproof artificial berries or christmas balls (optional)

Simply wind the artificial greenery around the Hula-Hoop, securing it with small pieces of craft wire as needed. Add a Christmas bow, berries, Christmas balls or Christmas decorations, if you like, then hang it on a large window, door, or wall.

Have a great Chrissy and New Year, Ho, Ho, Ho! 🙂