Cheeky Jelly Worms Kids Birthday Party Idea

Lets face it, kids love to be cheeky and us parents are happy for cheekiness if its all in good spirits and respectable. This fantastic Jelly Worms recipe is just what the kids need to spice up their fun quirky birthday party! It’s pretty funny watching at the girls reactions to these life like jelly worms, whereas they boys seem to take it to their advantage to gorse the girls out!

To prepare this for your childs birthday party simply grab a bunch of straws, the ones that bend are most effective as they have the ridged edges up the top. Place the straws facing upwards in a container and pour the jelly into the container to fill up the straws, pop it into the oven and viola! There you have Cheeky Jelly Worms to make any kids party a fun and unique experience  as far as treats are concerned.


Enjoy ­čÖé