Australia’s Got Talent Hula Hooper 11 Yr Old Hooper Contestant

Americus Wilson wowed the audience with her amazing hula hoop performance in Australia’s Got Talent Season 7 (2013). Bright enthusiastic Americus is 11 years old who lives in a circus and in her Hula Hoop Act Audition, she hula hoops an enormous number of hoops with such ease!

Americus Wilson was a 2008 finalist on New Zealand’s Got Talent and was soon spotted by Oprah Winfrey researchers, resulting in her appearance on Oprah. “It was pretty cool; they flew my whole family over there for a few days,” she said. Americus is performing a new trick in the “Out of Africa” show called the Lyra. “It’s a trick with a big metal hoop hanging in the air. I’m not scared of doing it,” she said. She said she had been practicing her new trick for quite some time and liked to hear the audience’s response.